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General Information and Policies

CENTER STAGE DANCE offers an excellent progressive nine-month dance program for both boys and girls. Our youngest dancers are provided with a learning experience that is grounded in teaching the fundamental techniques of tap, jazz and ballet.

Our basic class begins to introduce young dancers to appropriate dance terminology and provide students an opportunity to practice some basic tumbling skills. Students also have the option to add Hip Hop classes to their dance experience. As students progress through the years, they have an opportunity to increase the amount of time they focus on different disciplines including the opportunity to add pointe to their learning experience. Special care is taken to assure students receive the very best in dance technique and terminology training. Class size is kept to approximately thirteen students.

Registration begins July 5, 2018 for the 9 month program. We have made some changes to our class format.  Pointe classes will now be a separate class. Please see the attached letter for more details on this change.

We are also adding a 45 minute Beginner Boogie class for the 3-4 year old dancers.  This class will focus on basic fundamentals of balance, coordination, strength and flexibility as well as tumbling skills. These dancers will perform in the Spring Performance and will have costume.

Our registration process has shifted slightly this year.  We are excited to give a FREE studio t-shirt to all registered dancers!  Please review the registration fee schedule below:

Registration & First Month’s Tuition

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July 16 Free T-Shirt $0
July 23 Free T-Shirt $10
August 1 Free T-Shirt $20
September 10 Free T-Shirt $30

T-shirts will be handed out on August 20 at Fall Kickoff Event. More information to follow.

Classes begin Monday, September 10 and run through the Annual Spring Performance, tentatively scheduled for May 10-12, 2019.  A full dance-year calendar, showing scheduled breaks and important performance dates will be emailed out, maintained online and available at

A completed Registration Form must be received by our studio prior to a child participating in lessons.

There are no exceptions to this in Fall 2018. 


The dance tuition schedule is established as a yearly fee that is divided into 9 equal payments due regularly on the 15th of the month August through April.   There may be calendar months that you have 3 lessons, some months with 4 or 5 lessons.

Dance tuition is:
$32 per calendar month:  Beginner Boogie:  45 minutes; tap, jazz, tumbling, some ballet, songs and fun;  ages 3 & 4
$42 per calendar month:  Basic Class:  1 hour; tap, jazz, some ballet & tumbling;  ages 4 & up
$55 per calendar month:  Combination Class:  1 ½ hour;  tap, jazz & ballet;  approximately 3rd grade & up
$25 per calendar month:  Pointe Class:  45 minutes; pointe intensive including barre technique foapproximately 7th grade & up; audition and evaluation required.  See additional pointe letter for details

Costumes are ordered in November for the Spring Performance. Each ordered costume includes all related accessories

(ie. Tights, hair and shoe bows, gloves, etc…in addition to the costume itself)


Class Type Number of Costumes
Beginner Boogie 1 Costume
Basic Class 1 Costume
Combination Class 2 Costumes
Pointe Class 1 Costume
Opening Number (Soph, Jrs, & Srs Only) 1 Costume


  • Costumes cost $75 each. The Pointe costume is $50.
  • Payment for costumes will be made to Center Stage Dance in three equal installment payments: $25 for each
  • Installment payments will be made on Aug 1, Sept 1 and Oct 1.
  • For example:
    • If your child will have one costume, you will make 3 installment payments of $25. each for their costume;
    • If your child will have two costumes, you will make 3 installment payments of $50. each for their costumes
    • If your child will have three costumes, you will make 3 installment payments of $75. each for their costumes.

If TCU Schools are cancelled or children are sent home early from school due to bad weather, dance will also be cancelled at the Montgomery and Lonsdale studios. If LeSueur-Henderson Schools are cancelled or children are sent home from school due to bad weather, dance will also be cancelled at the Le Sueur studio. Classes cancelled will be made-up at later date. Cancellation of lessons due to bad weather can be confirmed by checking our Facebook page.

Developing poise, confidence and a passion to dance for 26 years! 

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