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General Information and Policies

CENTER STAGE DANCE offers an excellent progressive nine-month dance program for both boys and girls. Our youngest dancers are provided with a learning experience that is grounded in teaching the fundamental techniques of tap, jazz and ballet.

Our basic class begins to introduce young dancers to appropriate dance terminology and provide students an opportunity to practice some basic tumbling skills. Students also have the option to add Hip Hop classes to their dance experience. As students progress through the years, they have an opportunity to increase the amount of time they focus on different disciplines including the opportunity to add pointe to their learning experience. Special care is taken to assure students receive the very best in dance technique and terminology training. Class size is kept to approximately thirteen students.

To register for dance, children must be four years old by September 12, 2016 or have completed at least one session of “Tumbling and Fun”. Classes begin Monday, September 8 and run through the Annual Spring Performance scheduled for the weekend of May 5-7, 2017. A full dance year calendar, showing scheduled breaks and important performance dance is available on our calendar page at at any studio location. Go to the registration page

The dance tuition schedule is established as a yearly fee that is divided into 9 equal payments due regularly on the 1st lesson of the calendar month, September through May. There many be calendar months that you have 3 lessons, some with 4 or 5 lessons. We also provide extra performing opportunities and short practices for such performances through the year (ie Holiday Performance, Kolacky Days, County Fair, Giant Days, etc…) at no additional cost to families. Please do not adjust monthly tuition payments based on the number of lessons received in a single calendar month nor because of your child’s absence from a lesson. All lessons cancelled because of bad weather or by the instructor for other reasons are rescheduled at a later date.

The rates below are for the 2016-2017 season.
$42 per calendar month: Basic Class: 1 hour; tap, jazz, some ballet & tumbling; ages 4 and up
$52 per calendar month: Combination Class: 1 1/2 hours; tap, jazz, & ballet; Approximately 3rd grade & up
$30 Per calendar month: Combination Class w/ pointe: 2 hours; tap, jazz, ballet & pointe; 7th/8th grade & up (Pointe evaluation required)

Ballet and tap shoes are required for lessons. New shoes may be purchased through CENTER STAGE DANCE:
White ballet slippers – $18
Children’s black flat tap shoes – $22
Black jazz shoes – $34
Black flat leather taps with teltones – $64
Pointe shoes are $65
Please note the above stated colors are required for all performances.

The annual event provides students of CENTER STAGE DANCE an excellent opportunity to purchase used or new dance shoes, as well as sell shoes that are no longer needed by your dancer. The Used Shoe Exchange & New Shoe Order Day will be held in early August at the Montgomery Studio. Students wishing to order dance shoes through the studio should attend this event in order to have shoes delivered by their first lesson. Teachers will not be fitting or ordering shoes during the first few weeks of lessons.

Costumes are ordered in November for the Spring Performance:

– Basic Class has one costume;
– Combination Class has two costumes.
– Combination Class w/ Pointe has two costumes.
– Hip Hop Class has one costume.
– Opening Number (Soph., Jrs & Srs only) has one costume.
– Costumes include all related accessories (ie. tights, hair and shoe bows, gloves, etc… in addition to the costume itself).
– Costumes cost 75. each.
– Payment for costumes will be made to Center Stage Dance in three equal installment payments:  25. for each costume.
– Installment payments will be made on Sept. 1, October 1, & Nov. 1.
– For example:
–  If your child will have one costume, you will make 3 installment payments of 25. each for their costume;
     –  If your child will have two costumes, you will make 3 installment payments of 50. each for their costumes.
    –  If your child will have three costumes, you will make 3 installment payments of 75. each for their costumes.

If TCU Schools are cancelled or children are sent home early from school due to bad weather, dance will also be cancelled at the Montgomery and Lonsdale studios. If LeSueur-Henderson Schools are cancelled or children are sent home from school due to bad weather, dance will also be cancelled at the Le Sueur studio. Classes cancelled will be made-up at later date. Cancellation of lessons due to bad weather can be confirmed by calling the studio for a recorded message or check our Facebook page.

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