We offer classes in tap, jazz, ballet and pointe for girls and boys ages 3-18. Our classes feature:

  • Studios with full mirrors, ballet barre and quality sound systems

  • Wood sprung, hardwood, maple floors for the protection of growing bones

  • Professional staff with training in all aspects of dance

  • A staff that works to build your child’s self-esteem, confidence and poise

  • Locally held, full-staged, professional spring performances in May of each year

  • Opportunity for students to dance at performances throughout the year

Beginner Boogie

45 minutes, ages 3-4
This 45 minute mixed-style class is the perfect start for young dancers! A variety of basic tap, ballet and tumbling provides our youngest dancers with fundamentals in movement, terminology and class-studio structure.

Pointe Class

45 minutes, 7th grade+
Evaluation Required

Our pointe only class is centered on strong fundamentals and enhancing more advanced skills in a specialized environment. Barre work and floor exercises, along with appropriate choreography allow for these dancers to grow their pointe repertoire and explore this more advanced skill with confidence.

Street Dance

45 minutes, ages 7 - 18
Street dance choreography is influenced by hip-hop, funk, popping & locking and jazz. Our version of this energetic style will be translated from “the street to the stage” in this 45 minute class. Students will be exposed to new techniques, movements and fast-paced fun in a laid back environment.

Basic Class

60 minutes, ages 4+
Our 60 minute Basic Class is focused on enhancing the fundamentals of dance while learning different styles and skills each year. These dancers spend class time advancing their basic tap and ballet/jazz skills.

Father / Daughter

ages 3+
Centered around fun and dad-friendly choreography, this class is open to any age dancer and their father (or male relative). It gives our girls, boys and fathers a chance to perform together on stage at the Spring Performance.

Adult Tap

45 minutes, adv. beginners 18+
For those of you itching to put your shoes back on - this is the perfect class! This class offers a chance to rediscover & improve tap technique, learn a choreographed dance, and perform on stage.

Combination Class

90 minutes, approx. 3rd grade+
This 90 minute class provides an all-encompassing class for our older dancers. Classes are divided into 30 minute blocks of ballet, tap and jazz. This allows for specialization in each area – learning intermediate and advanced skills while enhancing their style as a dancer.

Opening Number

9th - 12th grade
Giving our students the opportunity to perform an additional number in the Spring Performance, the Opening Number is a jazz-style class focused on large group choreography and show style.